Anne Romme, Anne Bagger, N55, Emilie Bausager, Strl, Theodor Nymark, Simone Rasch Cymborski, Christian Lindvang Samsøe, Jack O'Hagan, Pernille Christensen, Lars Holdhus, Inge Røpke.

Radical Technology

The Group exhibition 'Radical Technology' opened the 14th October on the gated ressourcestation of Norrecco, at the island Prøvestenen in Copenhagen.

To manifest and make visible the resources that are hidden from our gaze and consciousness the exhibition is curated within the vast landscape of recycled building materials of Norrecco. The exhibition offers a radical proximity to the amount of construction waste produced just within the capital region - counting 400 incoming trucks a day - The exhibition opens up a gated landscape that bares both witness to the present conditions of the construction industry as well as the many potentials of the dynamic piles.

5 works alongside a mini-publication including 5 text-based works were installed on the 1st floor of the registration office and 6 works were installed outdoors among building materials and machinery. During the opening period (14-15th October) a guided walk on the site offered information about the exact materials, amounts, potentials and recycling process of the construction waste on site.

The works all depart from inner technology and they propose alternatives as well as they reveal connections between objects and components that construct the bounded environment that constitutes our home and extraction sites as well as energy infrastructure and planning of landscapes. The works together form a temporary environment where both vast immaterial structures and the materiality of tiny stones comes into close sight.

The Registration Shed - Indoor exhibition

1) ’Datum Lines Sketches,’ Strl, 43x28 cm, pen/pencil on paper, 2023.

2) ’Radical Technology - textbased works’ Pernille Christensen, Lars Holdhus, Laurie Anderson, Inge Røpke, Anne Romme, 5 textbased works, print on paper, 2023.

3) ’SPACEPLATES Ring’ N55, Anne Bagger og Anne Romme, 50x50 cm, lasercut cardboard, 2023

4)’Stones on stones’ Emilie Bausager, 150x150 cm, gravel and foraged plants from site, rhinestones, laser cutting, 2023.

5) ’Untitled (Hearth)’ Theodor Nymark, variable dimensions, dry leaves and twigs, artificial-fire LED light, 2023.

6) ’Sværm’ Simone Rasch Cymborski, 32x40 cm, photographic triptocon, print on paper, 2020.

Fraction 2 - Outdoor works

7) ’Immersions V2’ Christian Lindvang Samsøe, ongoing performance, 2023.

8) ’Immrama’ Jack O’Hagan, Variable dimensions, sand, soil, concrete, 2023.

9)  ’Lines of Heat’ Simone Rasch Cymborski, 170x135 cm, print on scaffolding mesh, 2023.

10) ’Ecotone’ Theodor Nymark, field recordings from Bahnhof Basel SBB and Floricoltura Radaelli, Milan 2-channel sound installation, 2023.

11) ’Datum Lines’ Strl, 4000 x 4000 x 1200, neodynium magnets, aluminum canisters, stainless steel, steel wire, 2023.

12) ’Free the weed’ Emilie Bausager, 59x84 cm, print on paper, 2023.

Publication - Textbased works

’Radical Proximity and Augmented Urbanism - Curating as a framework for inner technology’ Sofie Højgaard

’A Soil Fiction’, Pernille Christensen

’Decentralised Agriculture’, Lars Holdhus

‘Grøn omstilling og økonomisk vækst  - kan de forenes?’ Inge Røpke

‘Spaceplates’ N55, Anne Romme, Anne Bagger

Publication can be purchased for 90 DKK order on

Photos by Hampus Berndtsson

Big thanks to Norrecco and Kim Gosvig for the opportunity and engagement.
Also great thanks to Platform family and friends for supporting the project.

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