Radical Technology

Opening on 14.10.23 13:00-17:00
Walk 14:00
Adress: Norrecco A/S - H-vej, Prøvestenen, Kbh 2300
Open 14-15th of October 13:00-17:00

In the past century, architects and theorists such as Buckminster Fuller, Friedrich Kiesler, Paul Laffoley and Nancy Jack Todd and John Todd have worked on connections between metaphysics, sustainability and technology. From this, schools, works and concrete proposals for ecological ways of living are developed through proximity to materials and landscape.

Such proximity to materials can be understood as an inner technology.
Technology typically refers to tools and techniques that facilitate work tasks in our external world, whereas inner technologies are understood as the tools and techniques that work inwardly and are used to sharpen experience and awareness, such as meditation, visualization and therapy.

'Radical Technology ' is an occasion to work with architecture as a negotiation between internal and external technologies. This by projecting techniques, offering proximity to materials, their changing stages and cultural history or by visualizing production landscapes that supply contemporary construction industry.

To manifest and make visible the resources that are hidden from our gaze and consciousness the exhibition is curated within the vast landscape of recycled building materials of Norrecco. The exhibition offers a radical proximity to the amount of construction waste produced just within the capital region - counting 400 incoming trucks a day - Norrecco opens up a gated landscape that bares both witness to the present conditions of the building industry as well as the many potentials of the dynamic piles.

Radical Technology is a group exhibition on Norreccos Resource station viewing works by Emilie Bausager, Theodor Nymark, Strl, Simone Rasch Cymborski, Jack O'Hagan, Christian Lindvang Samsøe, N55 - Anne Bagger & Anne Romme.

Along the works, there will be a limited amount of printed publications with textbased works from Inge Røpke, Norrecco, Pernille Christensen, Sofie Højgaard, and Lars Holdhus.

There will be guides opening gates and leading the way to the yellow house, where you will find the indoor exhibition and a map to the outdoor exhibition.
Both saturday and sunday 14:00 there will be a walk on the site guided by a recycle expert from Norrecco.

Come have a drink with us!

See map with guide to location.

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