Documentation of the exhibition '' by Laurits Honoré Rønne in the Danish Energy Agency (Energistyrelsen).
The exhibition was curated by Platform as a part of the Interference series.

opening: february 3, 13:00-15:00, 2023 
period: february 6- 10, 2023 is a future ecology institute dedicated to fostering ecological knowledge and awareness. founded in an unknown [post-crisis] future, acts as a responder to the ecological disasters we are now experiencing at the beginning of the second millennium. all content is generated using online artificial intelligence with the fundamental question “what happened?” as a point of departure.

our approach

at we believe that effective research requires a combination of curiosity, proximity, and advanced technology. our focus is not only on the scientific method, but also on the human experience and how it relates to the environment. we believe that in order to truly understand the natural world and the impact we have on it, we must approach our research with a multifaceted perspective. this includes not only the traditional methods of data collection and analysis, but also a deeper understanding of the sensory and emotional connections we have with the environment. our work encompasses a range of disciplines, from the physical sciences to the metaphysical sciences, and we work closely with experts in a variety of fields to bring together a holistic understanding of our world and our position in it. at, we strive to break down barriers between disciplines to bring new and diverse perspectives to the table in our quest for a better understanding of the environment.


we are thrilled to announce a major addition to the team - the arrival of professor mina, a leading voice in experimental ecology. as a visionary researcher and dedicated educator, professor mina represents the very best of what stands for - commitment to innovative ecology research and an abiding passion for natural environments and resources.

you can experience a selection of artefacts from mina’s first lecture in this temporary exhibition at the danish energy agency. have a look around in the foyer space and remember to also pay attention to the permanent exhibition of objects such as samples of crude oil and special minerals.

Photos by Laurits Honoré Rønne
Photo 1-14 Work say Laurits Rønne Honoré, photo 15-18 Danish Energy Agency Crude Oil exhibition, photo 19-20 location

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