Charlie Boyte

Interferens IIII - Planning Porosity

Visual works ’Home of many Hearths’ - Charlie Boyte, (Animation Engineering - Andrea Belosi), 2022
Textbased work 'Super-well' - wet as a method of design’ 2022 - Sofie Højgaard, 2022

‘Interferens’ (Interference) consist of a series of online exhibitions focusing on the exchange between two architectural media: A text-based piece and a visual piece.
In each exhibition, the two pieces will deal with the same architectural field and will, on the basis of this, interfere and explore new perspectives across the media.
The point of ‘Interferens’ is first and foremost to investigate concrete problem areas through artistic creations within architecture. The aim is also to investigate how two practices can inform each other and what arises in their mutual overlap as well as fractures.

Great thanks to Statens Kunstfond for supporting the project.

Super-well - wet as a method of design
(dry strategist - wet coding)

Wet host
Ultimately, the home is
To what extent or physical shape, set of circumstances or emotional state is as diverse as existing beings.
As to shape the host of what is projected home, the 'wet' seems to flood, slosh and seep in the spatial practices constituting the home.

Between beings, relations, and the spatial practices that uphold the home
is ‘wet’.
a silky shimmering contour, broken and drawn again,
an expanding and shrinking threshold
a space constantly flushed and swirled
a home to a state of becoming.

Working with wet as host, wet as technology, co-writer and collaborator.
This is a splash, a spurt attempt to shape
A domestic typology constituted by spatial practices around and of wet places.

Dripping logics
a registration of spatial practices of and around wet places
one boiling, one bathing, someone washing, everyone drinking, a being steaming, a host heating, an entity cooling, they peeing, it cleaning

a description of spatial manifestations of wet
surface mirroring, soaked shimmering, void hazing, point steaming, material darkening, lower connecting, flooding, threshold dissolving, layer eroding, circluding

wet as countless, universal, vital

wet as a site

a tracing of sites of wet interest
the peripheral (spheric, immersed) (of) becoming by evaporation
the liminal (on threshold, in between) (of) becoming by transition
the tangential (in junction/ wet touch) (of) becoming by osmosis

an identification of domestic wet agents
cyberwet (feedback) superfloater, upholding
humidlink (connection) transporter
dropcharger (pointwise) filler/eroder/fixer

Ambient inhabitants
Current (transition - transgression)
wet places as waves and streams
homes flooded, transitioned, transgressed
beings crossing from wet to dry to wet
to the domain home
Current as carrier
splashing over, softly flooding the domestic thresholds
an oozing game of x, y, z, a, b, c
visible, invisible, virtual, tangible, public, info, emotional forces
streams through the home
Current as inhabitant

Atlantis (inherent longing)
wet places as Atlantis
homes lost, kept in memory, sunken deep
a being late in life, wandering along the line
as if the shrinking and expanding swirl would suddenly reveal
the lost
as to grasp for a home
becoming of the thin ocean steam
or for a home just evaporated
longing as inhabitant

Well (deep time)
wet place as the well
homes constituted around the deep
as the buckets’ journey from past below
to the present above
beings connecting through vertical pipes
as well, low well, wishing well
wet greetings from deep time
Ascending through taps
super well
deep time as inhabitant

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