Laurits Honoré Rønne

Interferens VII - Minas First Lecture + Post.Report

In the seventh exhibition of the Interference series, Platform has curated two simultaneous exhibitions - one online 'Minas first Lecture' and one physical ''. Both exhibitions speculate on our understanding of energy sources and our understanding of their connection to the climate crisis. Through fiction, the exhibition seeks to make us reflect on contemporary energy sources, their production and often incomprehensible form (for example gas) and how the physical distance to the energy sources' extraction sites unfortunately makes the importance of a green transition less present in the western world.

In both exhibitions, we are introduced to a fictional future at the backend of the current climate and biodiversity crisis - the story takes place around a future ecology institute ''. The institute's research is dedicated to promoting sciences within ecology, i.e. sciences related to the interrelationship of species, the environment and humans in the future world.

The photo series 'Minas first lecture' shows two scenarios, visualized in collaboration with the AI technology Dall-E. Scenario 1 takes place in one of the '' laboratories, where researchers are busy producing new energy sources. Scenario 2 depicts a seminar organized by the researcher Mina. For the seminar, the participants practice handling a newly discovered energy source up close. This energy source appears as an ice-blue liquid, which could create associations with lighter fluid or another form of liquid with a spiritual being in it.

The exhibition '' is installed in the Danish Energy Agency's foyer. The two works are connected. The narratives in the image series can be read as a documentation or report of Professor Mina's work and workshops with the new energy source.
The physical exhibition is constituted by two installations in the foyer of The Danish Energy Agency:
A coal ring with bottle containing blue liquid appears as a remnant or testimony of a recently performed ritual and at the same time as a set stage for one to come.
Two poster boards with weathered and threadbare paper stands out as an urban element brought inside. The boards point at '' as an ecological institute defined by the field work of its professors and associates. The two poster texts welcome Professor Mina and introduce the artefacts of her ritualistic workshop in the foyer to the institute's other employees.
Six large plastic containers of blue liquid are placed next to the poster boards. The plastic containers draw connections to a past with black energy and the diesel fuel, 'Ad blue'. At the same time they might point at a future where a new blue energy source has become widespread and is widely distributed.

Thank you Statens Kunstfond, Energistyrelsen and Morten Nymann Michaelsen

(scroll down to view 'Minas First lecture')

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